About Us...

Benesytes has been in the business of communicating benefits in a simple, straightforward manner since 1984, first as a retirement plan administrator specializing in 401k plans and for the past decade building robust, flexible but affordable benefit websites.  Our staff has over 90 collective years of benefits and web building experience.

Firms with LOTS of employees in LOTS of locations are our specialty as the administrative/communication challenges are greater.  We incorporate several basic principles that make us unique:

  1. Keep it simple and easy  (Our sites are built for Joe and Jane, not the IT department)

  2. Give associates as many reasons as possible to visit the site.

  3.  You can then tell them a story about your benefits:  “We have LOTS of benefit of working here.”  The benefit spend is HUGE these days and CFOs are looking for ways to get more employee appreciation of the benefits.

  4. Try to avoid passcodes if possible.  (There is no personal info on the site.  The site is coded and cannot be found in a google-like search.  Passcodes decrease traffic by 40-50%)

  5. Offer total flexibility.  “ If you can think it, we can do it.”

  6. With Obamacare implementation now the law of the land, there will be LOTS of changes that will be communicated in the coming couple of years.

Check us out.  We're confident we can enhance your efforts at communicating benefit information to your employees...wherever they are...with just a few mouse clicks.







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