The enrollment tool within the on-line system has been designed to make the enrollment process as simple and user friendly as possible. While simple and easy to use by all levels of computer literacy, the system’s advanced functionality can easily handle complex benefit designs and coverage requirements.

  • Interfaces for carriers/venders.
  • Both an import and export interface to and from payroll/HR system.
  • Maintenance of on-line system.
  • Creation and transfer of eligibility / elections file to client HR system upon completion of the annual open enrollment period, and at pre-determined times throughout the remainder of the year.
  • Support both annual enrollment and new employee enrollment for multiple vendors.
  • Capability for user to edit personal information.
  • Display enrollment choices to include eligible options, costs (displayed in the employee’s payroll frequency), and coverage amounts (where applicable) for all plans.
  • Confirmation statement that may be printed by the employee.
  • Reporting






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