Online Enrollment FAQ


Does the system support employee enrollment for multiple vendors?

Case set up dictates open enrollment windows and new employee enrollment periods. The system can easily handle multiple coverage options encompassing multiple vendors.

Can employees edit personal information?

The system allows certain personal information (both employee and dependent) to be edited. The employer can determine if these fields are to be made active and editable.

Will the system display eligible options & costs for all plans?

All coverage options that are available to a particular employee are displayed. Payroll deduction amounts are displayed based on the coverage selected and the payroll frequency of the given employee.

Does the employee receive a confirmation report of elections?

Confirmation Statements can be generated (printed) by the employee. During an open enrollment period, the open enrollment elections are displayed on the statement. Outside of open enrollment, the Confirmation Statement will display current coverage elections.

How are reports generated?

An Extended Census Report can be created at any time which produces a ‘data dump’ of all information in the system. Exported in CSV format, the client can manipulate the data to capture the desired information.







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