Benefit Portal FAQ


What does a benefit website like Roberts cost?

We charge a modest build-out fee and a monthly user fee. No hardware or software purchases are needed. Certain complex benefit designs affect the monthly cost. Please email us for a price quote.

Can you build a site like Roberts for us to host on our intranet?

We can. We would chase down the info for you and build the site for your IT department. You would then be responsible for hosting and managing changes. Please email us for a price quote.

How long does it take to build a site?

We normally construct your site for final review by the employer in 5-6 weeks. Depending on our commitments, we will work hard to meet a specific deadline such as open enrollment.

How much staff time will this take?

The whole process from A-Z should take less than 4 hours of staff time. The majority of that time is spent reviewing the final product for changes/errors/etc. We do all of the work on your behalf and keep your site current for you.

We already have benefits on our intranet. How does this help?

By using a website, your audience grows dramatically. Spouses and college students can use the information. Cobra employees can use the information. You also have a wonderful recruiting tool for prospective employees.

How do we make changes?

Simply email the change (s) to We do all of the work on your behalf and keep your site current for you. 90% of all changes are made within 24 hours.

How does the passcoding work?

Keep in mind that we only post plan level information. All employee level data is behind the vendor’s firewall (claims, 401k balances, flex balances, etc). Ease of use is key and passcoding decreases traffic by 40-60%. We code all sites so that in a “Google type search” your site will not appear in the results. Some clients passcode certain items such as costs or their handbook.

Do we put a link to benefits on our public website?

Normally you would not. However, if you have an intranet, you would surely have a link.

Can you translate for our non English speaking workers?

We have several partners that can assist with translation. Normally translating the whole site is very expensive and not effective. We can post translated summaries, link to the vendor’s resources, and work with your translators to make the site an effective tool.







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